Beth Paisley

An illustrator and artist by trade, Beth sells plantable greeting cards on seed paper via Etsy and wholesale through local gift shops…

Beth has recently registered with HMRC as self-employed and is on a mission to create products that will stand the test of time, as sustainability is key. 

Her business features on Instagram (BethPaisleyartist) and she has recently ventured on to TikTok too. She is also in the process of migrating her website on to an ecommerce platform to maximise her direct sales.  She currently works part time in her business and is looking to invest more time in building her customer base and introducing new artwork lines during 2022.

Beth was keen to build her personal network in Plymouth and discovered the Friday Startup Club via Eventbrite and went along to see what it was like and did not look back.  She also benefited from 1:1 time with our local advisors which helped to build the foundations for what was possible with her business and also help her understand the importance of cash flow.

Talking about the Friday Startup Club, Beth says:

It has changed my life – the best thing I have ever stumbled across on EB.  My confidence has soared and I feel really supported, it has brought great opportunities too including the chance for new collaborations.  I have also overcome my fears around social media. It felt like a form of individual therapy.

The Outset programme meant that Beth was no longer working in isolation and was in the regular company of other entrepreneurs looking to start and build their businesses.  Participation in the programme meant that she felt more inclined to push herself and take consistent action too.  It also led to her submitting artwork and winning the ‘Plymouth Selfie Wall Project’ competition (in partnership with Plymouth City Council, the Box and Est. by. Her).  She now has the chance to paint a murale in Plymouth City Centre and access to all the associated PR.

Looking forward to 2002, Beth is genuinely excited with new projects, new lines and new collaborations.  Her goals feel achievable including new art prints and an expansion into eco-friendly stationary in the medium term.

When asked if she would recommend Outset, Beth says:

I would 100% recommend, it offers such a great support for starting up a small business. It’s amazing, the knowledge, the networking and connections.  If you are feeling lost and want to get serious, this will be where you will be found.  Totally life changing.