Natalie Toms Art

“I think the best thing about running your own business is realising your own potential, when ‘I can do this’ becomes ‘I am doing it’.”…

Natalie’s story

Proving that nature inspires creativity, talented wildlife artist Natalie Toms produces her stunning collection of greetings cards and fine art prints from her art studio at the bottom of her garden.

For a long time her artwork had remained just a hobby, but with the help and encouragement of Outset Cornwall, Natalie Toms Art was born.

“Praise regarding Outset Cornwall reached my ears through word of mouth. The team were very friendly and helpful at each session I attended. Outset definitely gave me a safe space to ask questions and test my knowledge,”

Keen nature lover Natalie many summers marvelling at the tall trees and little creatures in the fields behind her grandparents house.

Given the chance to recreate an environment where her work could capture the wonders of nature, Natalie built her own studio ‘Thickets’ in her garden in Lanlivery. Looking out onto a beautiful view of a neighbouring meadow and pockets of woodland, Natalie is able to observe the wildlife that so deeply inspires her illustrations.

“My best business decision so far was the location of my studio. It is such an inspiring place, with lots of natural light and a view out to the meadow where I can photograph and study the wildlife which greatly influences my work.”