Kate Pearl Goddard

“One of the things that Outset helped me to recognise was the importance of meeting other entrepreneurs and networking to share experiences and learning.”…

Kate Pearl Goddard – the woman helping businesses take YouTube by storm

What strikes you immediately when you meet Kate Pearl Goddard is her enthusiasm and energy which is incredibly infectious and uplifting. The second thing that you realise is that this enthusiasm genuinely motivates her to help entrepreneurs to use YouTube to have a positive impact on their business.

Having had a strong social presence for a long time, Kate initially focused on using Facebook Live to share interviews with entrepreneurs telling their business journey. This built a large following and she began to notice a growing demand for advice on how to use YouTube as people began to realise the potential benefits.

She then set about researching the popular video sharing channel and posting videos to try to answer some of the questions posed to her. Her intention was to develop her knowledge and experience of using YouTube and through this work, help others to understand how to use it more effectively. She set up her own YouTube channel in 2019 and set about producing video content to put her learning into practice.

To help her with her venture, she contacted the Outset team in Dorset where she participated in their Introduction to Enterprise workshop course supported by 1:1 sessions with their advisor Sarah. “I’d highly recommend the support from Outset – while I knew my topic, they helped me to learn the business skills required for setting up your own business,” said Kate.

“So far, I have helped over 346 entrepreneurs with their YouTube channel, with over 1,000 uploads and grown the subscribers across her clients’ channels to 17,000 – all in just 18 months which is amazing!” explains Kate.

She takes people through how to prepare and produce video content, what keyword research they need to do in advance of making their content live. She offers initial sessions to cover the key action points at a fixed price with further support available for those that need it.

Kate was asked by the Outset team to run one of the Ask the Expert workshops that the Outset Dorset offer clients. “The aim of my workshop is to help entrepreneurs make YouTube their space and take their ideas to reality,” she stated. She explains that “many people are not using the channel due to a lack of confidence in front of a camera and with the technical side of it plus not fully understanding how to make the channel work effectively for them including SEO, keywords, tag titles which all takes time to learn.”

“I want to help people utilise their YouTube channel to become an effective communication tool to share content with current and potential clients,” stated Kate. She highlights the fact that many people focus on trying to make money from their channel and whilst it is possible to monetise it, smaller channels are more likely to be profitable in terms of lead generation. She continues, “Each video should be considered in terms of a value proposition which can take viewers on a journey to find the answer or solution to an issue. The key thing is to ensure that there is a call to action at the end which makes it clear where they need to go next – this often gets forgotten.”

When asked about her time during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kate admits that there were times when she lacked motivation to make new video content and self-doubts sometimes made her question what she was doing. However, she says that her obligation to her subscribers helped her to tackle these feelings – “ I also love to learn new things, so used it as a time to upskill further.”

Her advice to other entrepreneurs thinking of starting a new business is to “just get started and let your audience decide if what you are doing is valuable to them.” She also encourages people not to give up but to step away and take time out regularly to refresh your energy for your project.

“One of the things that Outset helped me to recognise was the importance of meeting other entrepreneurs and networking to share experiences and learning,”

“I love to bounce ideas off others from different types of businesses and I have realised that it is best to surround yourself with people who have similar ambitions.”

She also stated that the support from Outset helped her to build confidence in her own ideas which has led her to take up opportunities, like the Ask the Expert workshop, which she might have been reluctant to do previously.

Looking forward, Kate wants to continue helping more people use YouTube channels more effectively, make it less scary for people and she has a target of helping 100,000 entrepreneurs by the end of 2025. She has recently been selected as one of the top 20 YouTube channels for entrepreneurs by Feedspot alongside some of the leading channels in the world. Click here for details.

She is setting up a membership scheme where entrepreneurs get access to special content and to individual support from her which stemmed from her five-day challenges that she has run previously which were really popular. On top of this she has also launched a new Facebook Group: Confidence on Camera – Video Mastery for Entrepreneurs – click here to view it

To visit Kate’s YouTube Channel click here or visit her on social media on LinkedIn and Twitter