The importance of emotional intelligence

“I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit so it was inevitable that I would run my own business,” Find out Marjorie’s story…

Price Management Consultancy

Marjorie Price

“I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit so it was inevitable that I would run my own business”

“I was busy planning the set-up of my new business, spending time developing my skills which included attending training workshops with Outset Waltham Forest to help me focus on what I needed to do to create my company,” said Marjorie. 

Mention the words emotional intelligence to Marjorie Price and you can expect a passionate response. The topic is a central reason behind her business start-up strategy, which was in full swing when the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

The lockdown meant that initially people were focused on their families but now with the restrictions lifting, she is back working in her office at home, having carried out research and preparation to get the business up and running.

As a new business owner, she is aware that you have to fulfil a number of roles – accountant, marketing manager as well as the delivery of the management training which is the core of her business. ”One of the things which I have learnt is that you have to be adaptable but take advantage of the knowledge and skills of others where they are available to help you,” she added.

With over fifteen years’ experience in management, Marjorie is very aware of the impact that a manager can have on a member of staff, be that positive or negative. Through her new company, she plans to help enable managers and staff to look at their behaviour, consider the mental health of individuals and equip them with the understanding and skills to deal with issues more effectively. Marjorie will provide mentoring and coaching for new and existing managers either on a 1:1 or group basis.

“Communication is crucial, but at the heart of what I am training people to do is to understand the influence they have on the physical and mental health of both themselves and their team.” says Marjorie. “This is the ethos behind emotional intelligence which is something which is not covered in management training currently to any great depth – I aim to change this by tackling some of the more difficult issues we face as managers each day.”

“Through the Outset programme, I was building a strong network of contacts to help me and was feeling confident and excited about my plans.”

Marjorie is determined to help managers, particularly those new to the role to develop their management style and build positive long-term relationships with their team. “We would all accept that it makes great business sense to treat your staff well and keep them motivated as it helps to build loyalty to the company, increase employee retention and ultimately reduce costs in terms of staff absence, recruitment and productivity,” comments Marjorie, “However, often the damaging behaviour demonstrated by managers is unconscious, playing out through bullying, poor work management creating stress and pressure to perform being placed on staff, forcing them to work longer hours against unrealistic deadlines.”

Marjorie struggled to find a work life balance in her job due to the long hours, commuting and stressful workload placed on her, in particular when her family were young.

Marjorie is planning to target local authorities and the NHS with her new business, where she has previously worked, to widen the training and support given to managers.“The world of marketing has changed dramatically so I am learning new skills especially around social media, attending training provided by Outset and London Libraries.”

Through the Outset programme, I was building a strong network of contacts to help me and was feeling confident and excited about my plans. COVID-19 interrupted this and I had to take a few weeks before I started again with my business.”

With the current COVID-19 situation, she is looking at providing her training online and she is busy building her website through which she will promote her business. Marjorie says, “I will be delivering training through Zoom until the lockdown rules are relaxed enough to deliver face to face training once again.”

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