The Outset Podcast

Do you dream of becoming your own boss? Or have you recently taken the plunge and started your own business?

Based in beautiful Cornwall, there’s a huge range of creative and talented entrepreneurs right on our doorstep, and since 2009, we’ve helped hundreds of them start their own business.

Be inspired by the people who’ve been there and done that and get support from the specialists who can answer your burning business questions.

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Laura Wilton, founder of TRI-Cycle Cornwall, talks to our host Rich Gunton about overcoming adversity and how it hasn’t stopped her achieving her goals…


Hamish Kilpatrick, founder of Mishmash Tattoos, talks about his business journey, the self-employed life and what to expect….


Doing something you love is the ultimate work/life goal, so we talk to David Curtis, founder of Spartin Nerf Gaming, about turning your hobby into a business. …


The food industry in Cornwall is booming, and full of innovative, and delicious, food based small businesses. We discuss top tips for starting a successful food business with Suzy Lowe, founder of the wonderful Rustic Cakes Cornwall……


Visually marketing and displaying your products successfully is crucial for retail businesses. Outset Cornwall business advisor Veronique Eastham shares her knowledge and top tips to get it right for your business….


Zoom has become a global success and the go-to for video chat. We talk to Charlotte Holloway, Government Relations Director for Zoom, about how small businesses can harness the power of this technology….


These days, we increasingly rely on internet-connected devices, and with that comes the issue of cybercrime.
We discuss the issue of protecting your business online with Detective Inspector Ross Brown, head of cyber and innovation at the South West Cyber Resilience Centre. 


The trend for selfcare and wellbeing in the workplace and our daily lives continues to grow, so we talk to Hannah May, co-founder of The Cornish Seaweed Bath Company, and hear how their business has gone from strength to strength….


When it comes to marketing, most new businesses forget their message and focus on their tactics.
Belinda Shipp, founder of Cornish Marketing Consultancy, explains how telling your authentic brand story directly impacts your customers and drives business for you….


When starting out, accounting and bookkeeping can be a minefield.
Ian Williams, business advisor at Outset Cornwall discusses filing tax returns, maintaining effective systems, outsourcing and getting it right from the start….


Sustainability and positive environmental impact are becoming key factors that influence consumers’ buying decisions these days.
So Adam Hall from Internet Fusion Group shares his tips for making a sustainability pledge for your business….


Getting your products out there is the first obstacle any new business has to overcome.
But it’s not easy and can be full of ups and downs.
Cecily Mills, founder of award-winning Cecily’s Dairy Free Ice Cream, shares her story of getting her products out there and building her remarkable brand….


No one expects you to be an expert in every aspect of your business.
Al Pidwell, business advisor at Outset Cornwall, talks about the do’s and don’ts of outsourcing to professionals and automating parts of your business, freeing up your precious time to focus on growing and developing it….


Redundancy always feels like something that happens to other people, but it can happen to anyone at any time. Andrew Songhurst, founder of Songhurst Print, shares his story of successfully starting a business after redundancy….


Do you know what to think about when building your website?
Jane Hooper, Creative & Online Manager for Outset Cornwall, gives her top tips on all the different elements you’ll need to consider when planning your new website….


Do you struggle creating content for your social media?
Do you even know what your customers want to hear and see?
Anna Ireland talks about communicating your passion, changing what’s not working and why you shouldn’t be on Tik Tok just for the sake of it….


Taking on more work than you can cope with?
Or having to turn work down?
If you need to make the leap to taking on your first employee, have a listen to our latest podcast episode with employment specialist Donna Morcom….


Valentina Langley was forced to rethink her plans of opening a brand-new delicatessen in the centre of Truro when the pandemic hit.
She chats to our host about the challenges she faced starting a business during a pandemic….


Tony Sampson, founder of Newquay-based Naked Solar, chats to our host Rich Gunton about his first 10 years in business, employing the right people and the importance of team building….