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Swindon & Wiltshire Self-employment Fair


Outset Swindon and Wiltshire are excited to host a virtual Self-Employment fair designed to inspire anyone going through redundancy, unemployment, or simply looking for a career change.

This four-week virtual fair running from 22 June – 15th July will broadcast a series of keynote speakers providing meaningful and thought-provoking sessions, alongside tailored workshops, events and guidance from the Outset business advisors. These sessions will be streamed online and are free to attend. The sessions will be around 60 minutes long and typically include a live Q&A opportunity with the speaker. Each session will be recorded and will be available to watch again at your convienience.

Key Speakers


Laura Truesdale

Turning your passion into a business

Creative industries are booming, with more and more people interested in unique and one-off designs. Laura Truesdale explores the steps It takes to start a creative business.


Jonathan Webster

Owning a franchise – The benefits of this approach to starting your business

In a competitive sector such as real estate, Jonathan Webster of Compete Estate Agents has learnt to pivot and change his business model. Jonathan will be discussing what it takes to build a franchise.


Christine Jensen

Great mentors and strong networks – The importance of building your connectivity to grow your business, knowledge, understanding and skills

Join us with Christine Jensen as we discuss her journey from hobby to an internationally recognised business with her cake design studio. Christine will be commenting on the importance of networking in order to understand your business.


Lucy Rouse

Freelancing – Taking your creative skills to market

With over 20 years of experience, Lucy Rouse of LuceCannon PR is a master storyteller and communicator. Lucy will be discussing how to manoeuvre freelancing in the creative market.


Angela Hazell

Daring to be different by knowing and understanding the needs of your customers

Understanding the importance of your customer is vital and Angie Hazell from AngieH Driving Academy knows the importance of this. Join us to talk through Angie’s holistic approach to business and customer needs.


Bob Bradley

Engineering innovation to gain a competitive edge

Talking all things innovation, Bob Bradley, Co-Founder of Scaled 3D, will guide us through his path of utilising skills he had learned in previous industries and applying it to his own business.


Tony Sampson

Founding a green business through a strong sense of purpose

During this session we will hear from Tony Sampson who after pivoting in his career for over 16 years, built a successful business formed from his passions of renewable energy.


James O’Halloran

Developing the mindset to be your own boss

Join us with James as he details his journey of leaving his corporate career in search of the freedom of self-employment, freelancing and bringing value to his clients.

Information sessions

I have no savings… How can I start a business?

A common misconception is that you have to have thousands of pounds saved in order to start up your own business. Business Advisors Duncan Robinson and Briony Ansell debunk this, detailing 10 business ideas based on using practical skills you already have.

Finding your first customer

For many businesses finding your first customer can be a very daunting thought. Business advisors Duncan Robinson and Simone Ward-Baptiste will deliver this session giving you the tools and confidence to make that first sale.

Daily habits of a successful business owner

When asked about the secrets to their success, successful business owners point to building a strong foundation of daily routines. Business advisors Derek Tanner and Simone Ward-Baptiste will be guiding this session on habits that are inevitable to lead to success.

How do I know if my business idea will work?

This information session, taken by Derek Tanner and Briony Ansell, will cover the practical steps of what you have to offer, and who may be interested in that offering.

Tips for effective time management

Setting up your own business can often mean juggling many hats at once. Business Advisor Sarah Ives talks how best to manage your time appropriately to avoid a burn out.

Transforming your ideas into reality

Andrew Mercer is a highly experienced Business Navigator at Swindon & Wiltshire Growth Hub. He has spent many years supporting small businesses. Andrew’s extensive knowledge and experience of core business activities enables him to help businesses transform their ideas into reality and connect to the support and advice they need to succeed.

Making sense of finances

Ensuring your finances are in order is a vital part of any start up business. This session is being run by Ian Williams. Ian’s background has included managing a team of independent financial advisors for one of the South West’s largest mortgage brokers. His financial expertise is invaluable in helping people to get to grips with the essentials of setting up and running their businesses.

Mental wellbeing for the Self Employed

Being your own boss can be empowering and exciting, but at times can leave you feeling lonely and unsupported. Join mental health practitioner (TBC) as she explains how to look after yourself while pursuing your dream.

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