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Ragged Peak

Daniel Mooney

The workshops have been absolutely amazing, they have given me confidence and made me focus on how I plan for my business.

Daniel’s story

With a passion for the outdoors and a thirst for adventure, Daniel Mooney toyed with the idea of setting up an outdoor equipment and clothing business for several years.

After motorcycling around Scandinavia and the Arctic Circle and cycling 4,000 miles from the UK to the Black Sea and back, he moved to Cornwall and, when he wasn’t able to find a kayaking deck stow that allowed him to get to his equipment easily, he made one on his mum’s old sewing machine.

Daniel then began to design and build a range of hand-produced equipment, clothing and accessories, as demand from customers increased. When the coronavirus pandemic arrived in March 2020 and a work project contract ended, he knew that lockdown was the perfect time to invest some time and savings into making his dream a reality.

Daniel Mooney - Ragged Peak EquipmentAlthough Daniel was in a good position to start his business; he had a career as a web developer and a comprehensive understanding of his target market, he still felt he needed support. “I knew how to build the website and make my products, but when it came to the business side – the marketing and the financials – I was in the dark.”

After contacting The Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Growth Hub for advice, he signed up to the Outset Cornwall business start-up programme and ‘Ragged Peak’ was born.

“I wouldn’t be where I am now without the Outset Programme. The workshops have been absolutely amazing, they have given me confidence and made me focus on how I plan for my business. All the instructors have so much knowledge, I would recommend Outset to anyone starting a business who wants help and support to get going.”

Daniel’s business is going from strength to strength and he is excited about the future. “Since the coronavirus pandemic, there is a real trend for people desperate to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. A lot more people are buying equipment online and I sell my products to people all over the UK. After being locked inside for so long, camping, staycations and adventure sports are becoming hugely popular. I am now developing a new range of effective storage solutions for paddle boarders and long-distance cyclists and am looking at ways to make the business more sustainable.”

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