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Starter workshops

start your business

Our business starter workshops allow you to explore whether starting a business is right for you.

These sessions are usually run as two full day and two half day sessions over a four-week period. For example Start sessions 1 & 2 will on one day and a week later Start sessions 3 & 4 will be held, the following week Start session 5 will be a half day, with Start session 6 following on in the last week.


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Start session 1

Could you give yourself a job?

The first session helps you explore your transferable skills, experience, strengths, passions and interests to help generate real business ideas, or build on an existing one. We also discuss, identify and evaluate the barriers you face, both real and perceived, and explore the ways of overcoming them. We will also start on your Customer Profile and Market Research.

Start session 2

Would you give yourself a job?

This second session will build on your Customer Profile and review your initial Market Research in relation to your business idea, whilst linking with Time Management, Goal Setting and your Personal Survival Budget. We also outline the considerations needed when looking to create a website, then run through starting your Business Plan and look at its importance.

Start session 3

Introduction to financial planning

Taking the fear out of business finance! We show and explain what a Profit & Loss account is and also explain the 3 line accounts that HMRC require for your annual self-assessment. Costing and pricing your product or service, how do you work out how much to charge for this? Whether you are selling a product or providing a service this session helps you to decide on a clear structure for your pricing policy using a standard ‘recipe’ to guide you

Start session 4

Costing & pricing

Is the thought of having to do a forecast for your business plan filling you with dread? We show you how to take the guesswork out of creating forecasts and profit & loss accounts with our simple to use tools coupled with practical knowledge that helps you get the most from documents that really can show you more than just your bank balance. You will also meet an Advisor and find out how to access advice and support after starting trading.

Start session 5

Progress and Presentation

In this workshop we take a closer look at the results of your market research and work together to interpret the results before exploring the importance of good presentation skills. Don’t like giving presentations? Let us help you in this workshop with some really practical advice by helping you to plan, prepare and practice your presentation, how to overcome your nerves and involve your audience. You will also receive one-to-one support in completing your business plan.

Start session 6

Professionalism, Presentation and Image

What makes you and your business ‘professional’? This workshop takes you through the importance of image, customer service and business communications when it comes to being ‘professional’.

Finally, it will be your time to shine! In this final session you can practice delivering your business idea effectively and present your idea to your group, which provides an opportunity to undertake further valuable market research and receive constructive feedback. The session is ended by an exploration of your aspirations and goals with some practical ideas on how to achieve them.

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