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Focus your idea

focus your idea

Are you looking for a change in your life?

Perhaps you want to find a job in an industry you love or undertake training in something you feel passionate about.

Or perhaps you want to become your own boss, and have the freedom to choose working hours that suit you and implement your own ideas and plans.

Whichever it is, and whatever your reason, Outset can help re-ignite that passion within you.


We offer a fully-funded programme that helps you explore your transferable skills, experience, strengths, passions and interests, so you can generate your own ideas or build on existing ones.

Our friendly team of experts will support you with a tailored personal development plan that’ll help focus your ideas, nurture your skills and get you thinking about setting up your own business and returning to work.

Our eight-session programme has everything you need to help you get started on the path to change and covers:

Where are you now?

Unlocking your potential, looking at what you’ve accomplished and what you’d like to achieve

Time & Stress Management

Taking a look at the pressures of everyday life, plus practical ways to prioritise and improve your efficiency to reduce stress

Building Confidence

Developing strategies for better decision-making and learning techniques to improve assertiveness, self-esteem and confidence

Coping with Change & Action Planning

Helping you prepare for inevitable changes and challenges in the business world

You & Your Business Idea

Exploring your skills, experience and interests, and using creative thinking to generate new or build on existing ideas

Understanding your Market

Identifying your customers, your potential competitors and how to use market research effectively

Marketing & Promotion

Developing communication skills, evaluating promotional materials and marketing essentials, plus tips on prioritising

Feasibility & Finance

Looking at business structures,  plans and feasibility, plus goal setting, and a guide on getting started

Sound like your cup of tea?

Book a place at one of our Information Sessions and find out.

Don’t worry if you’re busy in the daytime – we do evening sessions too.


Outset Focus project is funded by Community Led Local Development Fund, which comprises European Social Fund and European Regional Development Fund. It is being delivered by Outset CIC and YTKO Ltd.