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The Outset Podcast

Do you dream of becoming your own boss? Or have you recently taken the plunge and started your own business? Based in beautiful Cornwall, we are blessed to have a wide range of creative and talented entrepreneurs on our doorstep, and since 2009, we’ve helped over 800 of them start their own business. Be inspired by the people who’ve been there and done that and get support from the specialists who can answer your burning business questions. Search ‘Outset Podcast’ in your favourite podcast app or click the links below to listen online.

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Episode 1: The First Ten Years in Business

Tony Sampson is the founder and Managing Director of Newquay-based Naked Solar, and recently celebrated 10 years in business Tony chats to our host Rich Gunton, about still feeling like a start-up ten years into his business, employing the right people and why team building by a pool in Portugal is better than building a raft. Listen now

Episode 2: Starting a Business during a Pandemic – Part 1

Valentina Langley was in the midst of planning to open a brand-new delicatessen in the centre of Truro when the pandemic hit, and she was forced to rethink her plans. Valentina chats to host Rich Gunton about her lifelong passion for food, starting during her childhood spent growing up in Italy, and how the pandemic has opened her eyes to more ways she can run her food business. Listen now

Episode 3: Taking on your First Employee

Are you working alone and getting so busy you’re finding you have to turn work down? Have you got more work than you can cope with? If you need to make the leap to taking on your first employee, have a listen to our latest podcast episode with HR and employment law specialist Donna Morcom. Listen now

Episode 4: Creating Content for your Social Media

Have you just launched a new Facebook page for your business, but have no idea what to actually add to it? Do you know what your customers want to hear from you on social media? Anna Ireland talks all things content with our host, Rich Gunton. Listen now

Episode 5: What to think about before you build a website

Creating a website is a bit like building a house. Do you build it yourself or blow the budget and hire a professional? Jane Hooper talks to our host Rich Gunton about all the different elements you’ll need to think about. Listen now

Episode 6: Starting a business after redundancy

Redundancy always feels like something that happens to other people. Andrew Songhurst turned redundancy into the opportunity to start a new business. He talks about how he is using the extensive contacts and skills he has gained from decades in the industry to run his own print consultancy firm – Songhurst Print. Listen now

Episode 7: Outsourcing and Automation

You don’t have to be an expert in every aspect of your business. Outsourcing and automation can be really useful tools in freeing up your precious time, allowing you to really grow and expand your business. Outset Cornwall Business Advisor, Al Pidwell, talks to our host Rich Gunton, about ways to leverage these tools to your advantage. Listen now

Episode 8: Getting your products out there

Cecily Mills is the founder and CEO of Cecily’s Dairy Free Ice Cream. Since the business started in 2015 Cecily has been on an incredible journey from kitchen table recipes, to securing investment on Dragon’s Den. Cecily’s Ice cream, formerly Coconut Organics is now a nationwide brand, and has won numerous awards include 7 Great Taste Awards across the flavour range. Listen now

Episode 9: Making a Sustainability Pledge for your business

Adam Hall is the Head of Sustainability at the Internet Fusion Group. The Internet Fusion Group is an online retailer with 11 outdoor sports websites catering for adventure and sporting enthusiasts. From surfing to equestrian, motorcross, scuba diving and Alpine sports, they are the go-to niche retailer for these sports. Collectively Internet Fusion works with over 1000’s brands, and their sustainability focus means they can reach these brands and work on practical ways to reduce carbon footprint and plastic consumption. Within Adam’s role he works on the tangible ways he can create positive environmental impact on a day-to-day basis. Listen now