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Finance workshop

Business planning & sources of finance workshop

This workshop focuses on creating a Business Pitch, which is the underlying basis of a full Business Plan.

We will discuss using this in more detail to create a full Business Plan and focus on the key elements you’ll need to create your executive summary, operational plan and cash flow forecast. Then we’ll look at the different types of funding, including the Outset Microgrant together with their benefits and limitations.


This workshop is open to all our clients who have already completed the Start your business sessions. We run this workshop frequently at our offices in Pool and also at Victoria Inn at Roche, check our Events page to find out when the next workshop is taking place.

Alternatively register your interest below so that we can either book you on the next workshop in your area or invite you to the next workshop, once dates have been finalised.

Once you have completed our Start sessions we regularly run tailor-made, practical half and full day workshops