Outset® creates sustainable new jobs and businesses across the UK every day.


The journey to employment in today’s economic landscape presents a unique set of challenges.

Applicants experience the diminished value of previously desirable qualifications, like Bachelor’s degrees, fewer opportunities for vocational training, and an increased demand for generalist jobs.

Employers drive down costs by offering lower compensation for popular roles, and competition is still fierce – for example, a UK coffee company recently received 1,701 applications for just 8 customer service roles, an average of 213 applicants per vacancy.

With the level of interest so high, the challenge is to find ways to support and assist the remaining 1,693 unsuccessful jobseekers.


The Outset Programme gives people the ability to create their own employment opportunities. We specialise in supporting people from a diverse range of communities and backgrounds to start their own viable and sustainable businesses.

By empowering people to take charge of their lives and ‘be their own boss’, our work has a significant positive effect on the aspirations and accomplishments of countless individuals and their ventures, as well as enhancing the communities they are part of.

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To date, our award-winning workshops have helped support the creation of over 2,700 UK businesses.

Jobseekers are transformed into significant investors in local economies, start-up businesses become established businesses, and this new infrastructure has an overall positive impact on wider financial and social inclusion.

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